A one-of-a-kind partnership of two senior creatives with complementary talents and a shared business philosophy.


We are a strategic design firm comprised of two senior creatives—Paul Tepperman and Carroll Ray—backed by a network of creative service providers. Each partner has nearly thirty years of branding and design experience. We are accomplished designers and skilled communicators who have tackled nearly every branding and marketing challenge faced by business.

Each partner works directly with his clients, providing them with high-level design and consulting services, along with unheard-of access to an agency principal. Our complementary creative abilities enhance our work, and our collaborative approach results in deeper and richer solutions for our clients. Our redundant skills provide increased capacity and a backup for one another, so we always meet our deadlines and clients always have direct access to a principal of the firm. And our partner network extends our service offerings, allowing us to match the creative resource to each client’s particular needs.

For us, design is more than just a profession, it’s how we see the world. It’s in our DNA. It’s why we donate our time to business incubators such as MassChallenge and Healthbox, offering our experience and expertise to the next generation of technology and medical product innovators.


Getting Personal

Our personal lives may not seem relevant to the work we do for our clients, but we believe that who we are as people reflects who we are as an agency. We’re passionate about what we do and we bring every bit of our knowledge, talent, and life experience to every assigment we undertake.

About Carroll

Carroll not only puts out fires for his clients, he does it in real life too—as a volunteer on his New Hampshire town’s fire department. He’s also an EMT for the department, a Disaster Health Services volunteer for the American Red Cross and a member of the Medical Reserve Corps. In his spare time, Carroll likes to explore his New England home on his motorcycle and snowmobile, and root for his Boston sports teams.

About Paul

Paul’s uncommon creative talent and craftsmanship are well known to his clients, but they may not know that he applies these same skills in his workshop as an accomplished cabinet-maker. He’s an avid reader and lover of art and science. A hiker, cross-country skier and kayaker, Paul thinks nothing of dropping his kayak into the nearby Merrimack River and paddling 12 miles to the Atlantic Ocean.