Technology can be complicated, but we have the ability to quickly comprehend a product’s complexities, identify the unique value it offers, and synthesize it in a way that can be easily understood by a less technical audience.

Our strategic approach to design

We look at design as communication with intent. Strategic design is about more than creating striking visuals. It’s the link between information and understanding. 
Our approach to design is strategic. It’s a way of working and thinking that not only achieves a specific set of objectives, but takes into account many other factors including the company brand, the market, the environment it will exist in, production issues and future considerations. Our decision-making is guided by defined objectives and aesthetic considerations, not by trends or personal taste. To us, success is based on how well we achieved our client’s goals, not on how many awards we won.

Strategic design takes many factors into account in order to arrive at a final solution.

Is TR Design a good fit for your company?

Is your company entering the highly-competitive med tech market?

If your company is looking to enter the medical market with its first device, launch a new device, rebrand for future acquisition, or pivot from an investor-focus to a customer-focus, you need a creative partner who has been there before. TR Design creates distinctive and effective brands for med tech companies. We have the creative abilities, the clinical knowledge and the market experience to build a brand that will stand out from the crowd. And when we’re finished, we stick with you to execute all forms of your brand communications. That’s why companies like Ivenix, Perfint, Capsule and LightLab Imaging have turned to TR Design for their med tech branding and design needs.

Does your company sell high tech products or services that are difficult to understand?

If your company is continuing to use its first-generation brand, or visitors to your website leave dazed and confused, or you simply need to find a way to encapsulate it all in a way that is clear and effective, you need a creative partner who has been there before. TR Design has been building distinctive brands for technology companies for over 25 years. We have the creative abilities and the technical understanding to work effectively with, and develop communications for engineers. That’s why companies like Mcor, Zeiss, Teradyne and Morphisec have turned to TR Design for their high tech branding and design needs.

Does your company need to unify its brand?

If your company needs to unify its brand — from its website to its graphic user interface, to product packaging and everything in between — you need a design firm with the ability to work equally well across a diverse array of media. Companies like Bose, Mcor and Seahorse Bioscience have turned to TR Design because of our ability to deliver great results for high tech and med tech companies.

Is your international company looking to launch its first medical device in the U.S.?

If your company is outside the U.S. and looking to launch a product into the U.S. marketplace, TR Design can provide positioning, product naming, corporate identity and marketing communications, as we have for companies like Perfint Technologies and XSENSOR Technologies.

Has your product line become disorganized or illogical?

If you’re an established company with a product lineup that has become unwieldy and illogical, you need a creative partner with the ability to sort it all out, and provide objective and creative solutions for product naming. That’s what we’ve done for high tech and med tech companies like XENON, Teradyne and William B. Meyer.

Do you like our approach?

Do you like our approach?