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Do you work in any markets besides high tech and medical devices?

Absolutely. We focus our marketing efforts on technology and medical devices but some of our work falls outside of these markets. In fact, we’ve done so much work for the travel industry, we’ve created a separate website to promote that work. Check out our travel design experience at

Is all of your work local?

Not at all. We work with companies throughout the country and around the world.

Do you take on individual projects?

Yes, although we feel our greatest value is when there is an ongoing strategic relationship with our clients. But we have many clients that we work with on a more limited basis based on their needs. We have been providing high quality design and production services for business since our inception and have found that once a client experiences working with TR Design, they return again when needs arise.

How many people are on your staff?

The two principals, Paul and Carroll are the only full-time employees. We also have scores of creative partners that we can call on when needed.

Do you work on retainer?

Generally our work is done on fixed price estimates in which we outline the scope of work and provide the estimated cost. This allows our clients to effectively manage their budget without the fear of surprise fees and cost overruns. We also work under retainer agreements when appropriate, the terms of which are tailored to each particular situation.

Will you work with our existing creative partners?

We have always played well with others and have had good success working in tandem with a client’s vendors and/or with internal creative staff. What’s important is that each party has the company’s interest as their highest priority and that all have a clear understanding of each other’s role.

Do you design websites?

Yes, we design and program websites, often but not exclusively as part of a larger branding engagement. We bring the same approach to websites as we do to all of our other work — strategic positioning, thoughtful messaging, intuitive site navigation and a refined aesthetic. We’re not web specialists, and as such, might not be your best choice if you have expansive needs such as eCommerce, database driven sites, custom programming, etc. But if you need a first class website that’s clearly organized, clearly communicated and beautifully designed, we should talk.

Do you do speculative work?

No. In the advertising world, speculative work (or spec work) is creative work done by an agency at no cost, in hopes of securing a larger long-term commitment. The time spent on spec work must be factored into the fees that an agency charges to their existing clients. We do not agree with this practice. In our business model, our clients pay only for the actual time required to complete their projects.

Will you provide design templates?

Yes. Once we have established the brand guidelines, we often provide templates for our clients so they can execute smaller projects themselves without watering down the brand we’ve established.

Who owns the rights to the work you create?

By law, the creator of original artwork owns the copyright to his work, unless he sells that right. In our case, the work we do is yours, with the only exception being any copyrighted creative work that is incorporated into that work. Generally, that means photography or illustration, which can be rights-managed or royalty-free. In any case, we will walk you through that process to ensure you do not violate any copyright laws.

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