Expertise focused in med tech

Branding and design for med tech share many of the same challenges as for high tech. Products are technologically complex, product features can be difficult to explain, and the value difficult to prove.

Developing effective branding and design solutions for med tech requires a deep understanding of healthcare organizations — particularly how they evaluate products and arrive at purchasing decisions. It requires a sensitivity to the competing interests of the various audiences within the institution, and the ability to address their individual concerns while acknowledging that they all share a mission of improved patient care. And this must all be done under the watchful eye of the FDA.

Understanding the inner workings of healthcare organizations is critical, but understanding of the medical conditions being treated is equally important. With a background in healthcare ourselves, we’re on solid footing when discussing medical conditions and treatments with healthcare professionals.

Communicating the unique value of a medical device requires a thorough understanding of who the multiple audiences are within the healthcare market that a company must reach, who the competition is, the regulatory environment, and other the factors that have an influence on the brand.

Med Tech

EKG Interpretation
Cardiac Transplantation
Cellular Flux Analyzers
Diagnostic Assays
Emergency Medicine
Infusion Management
Intravascular Imaging
Intravascular Grafts
Interventional Oncology
Medical Supplies
Podiatry Lasers
Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Ultrasound Imaging
Vision Care

How our expertise offers value to our clients

Our focus in the med tech market, coupled with our design expertise means we can meet our clients’ objectives faster and more precisely, and deliver solutions that are more on-target and engaging.

See how our industry expertise and design capabilities combine to deliver powerful solutions for our clients.

When it’s time to launch your product, expertise counts.

When it’s time to launch your product, expertise counts.