Design services to bring your brand to life

Marketing today utilizes a multitude of online and offline marketing strategies, but its mission remains the same as it’s always been — to create, communicate, and deliver offerings that have value to your customers, clients, and partners. Design plays an important role in achieving this effort.

We also understand that our clients have a lot at stake. Which is why we manage projects to make sure they’re on schedule, on budget, and without unwanted surprises. We’re also flexible — we can manage the entire project or work in conjunction with your team. And with every project, we never take our eyes off the big picture: to achieve the stated objectives while continuing to build the brand.

A range of services designed to meet your needs

Through our combined in-house and vendor network capabilities, TR Design offers a range of services that provide a high level of expertise that can fit most budgets.

Check out our portfolio to see how we apply our strategic approach to the design projects we work on.

Clients’ needs come in all sizes and shapes—
Our design process fits all of them

No two companies are alike, but no matter their size or organizational structure, our process ensures success in the following key areas:

To deliver solutions that meet our clients’ marketing and business objectives, we follow a process that keeps projects on-target, on-time, on-track, on-brand, and spot-on.

On the creative side, we take the time to gain a thorough understanding of a project (and for new clients, their brand as well). We take our clients through the thinking behind our decision-making, and together we critique each concept, weighing their merits and considering possible weaknesses. We feel this part of the process is vital in developing a truly effective creative solution. No step in the process advances until it’s approved and there is a clear understanding of what the next steps are.

Our process also includes project management so everyone stays informed and everything stays on-track throughout the project.

Developing marketing materials can be time-consuming and costly. And in the end, it’s all about the results. With so much at stake, we can assure predictably great results in the following three ways:

• Having worked with technology companies for years, we know how to communicate complex information to multiple audiences effectively.

• Our solutions are based on analytical thinking and objective decision-making, not personal preferences. Our thinking is also strategic, so every solution not only meets the objectives but helps to build the brand.

• Our process encourages client engagement and requires approvals at key steps, so projects stay on track and avoid additional unnecessary costs.

Surprises can be a welcome thing when you’re developing creative solutions. But when you have to managing budgets and costs, surprises are rarely good. That’s why we bill to our estimate. For those instances when the amount of work required exceeds what was specified, or the scope of the project changes, we inform our clients and send a revised estimate or change order.

Our estimates outline the work and costs required for a project—from initial concepts through final deliverable. If precise costs can’t be initially determined, we’ll indicate a range of costs and then revise the estimate later in the process when the project is better defined. We can also develop a solution that fit within a budget.

Regardless of how our clients engage with us, our priority is to make sure that at the end of a project, every goal is reached and there are no unwanted surprises.

What kind of project can we help you with?

What kind of project can we help you with?