TR Design is Paul Tepperman and Carroll Ray. And what better way to tell the story
of this unique partnership than to let each partner describe the other.


Principal, Creative Director
Boston University

Paul Tepperman

by Carroll Ray

Paul is not only an observer of the world, he’s constantly striving to understand how things work and why they matter. When applied to his work, that innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge results in a deep understanding of his clients’ business that he uses to direct all of his creative executions. Paul is passionate about his work and dogged in his efforts to get it right. To appreciate his talent, you almost need to see him at work. His first ideas are better than what most agencies will end with, but he doesn’t stop there. If there’s a way to make it better, Paul will work at it until he finds the ideal solution for his client. Empathy is an essential quality for all great designers, and Paul is no exception. He has the ability to place himself inside the mind of the audience and see the work as the audience will see it. This ability allows Paul to communicate effectively to any audience, whether professionals or laypeople, doctors or scientists, engineers or accountants. Many designers see clients as obstacles to doing great work. Paul is exactly the opposite. He has the ability to include his clients in the creative process, while continuing to steer the process toward an outstanding creative solution. In my many years as a designer and businessman, I’ve never met anyone that I would trust more than Paul to chart the creative direction of my business.

Carroll Ray

by Paul Tepperman

It was said of Larry Bird that he was several steps ahead of everyone else on the court and could see a play unfold in his mind before it even happened. Carroll is just like that when it comes to solving branding and marketing challenges. Most of us have the ability to come up with a solution. But all too often, our solutions may be of limited benefit; or may only work for a short time; or worse–solve one problem but create others. Carroll’s thought process goes to the next level to find smarter, better solutions. Carroll is a big-picture thinker with an eye for the smallest detail. He works through complexities that would bewilder most of us, and doesn’t stop until he has identified what needs to be done, and maps out a plan to get there. But that’s only part of it. Carroll explains his reasoning and ideas in beautifully simple and clear presentations that connect the dots for the rest of us. To me, his presentations exemplify the essence of design. None of this is to presume that Carroll’s success has been achieved through talent or divine intervention. He is never afraid to learn something new, embrace new technologies or ideas, tackle something he’s never done before, or explore new avenues. It’s difficult work, but Carroll loves it because to him, it’s more than a job–it’s part of his DNA.


Principal, Creative Strategist
Swain School of Design