EKG Interpretation
Cardiac Transplantation
Cellular Flux Analyzers
Diagnostic Assays
Emergency Medicine
Intravascular Imaging
Intravascular Grafts
Interventional Oncology
Medical Supplies
Podiatry Lasers
Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Ultrasound Imaging 


Application Security
Building Controls
Consumer Software
Data Center Mgt.
Digital Mapping
Electron Microscopes
Enterprise Software
Pulsed Light Technology
Secure Fax Servers
Semiconductor Test
Technology Support
3D Printing

TR Design is uniquely suited for the successful branding and marketing of technology products and medical devices.


We cut our teeth in high technology in the early 80s. Working in-house at leading technology companies, we developed the skills to communicate with, to, and for engineers. Through this experience we developed a deep understanding of technology marketing, and were inspired by the developers’ passion for their products.

As we moved on in our careers to various agencies, then ultimately to our own firm, we continually broadened our knowledge of technology. In the late 90s, we began working with clients in the medical market. The transition from technology to the medical market was natural, since products being developed in the clinical marketplace can be highly technical, and require creatives who can articulate the value of these highly complex products. From this experience, we have gained a better understanding of the regulatory requirements of medical device marketing, and of the dynamics involved with marketing to the medical community.

We bring the experience and knowledge we’ve gained working with hundreds of technology and medical clients to every assignment that
we undertake for our clients.