Working in the medical device industry for as long as I have, it’s not hard to see tendencies as I look at corporate brands. It’s fascinating to me to see companies who are developing the most innovative medical products, devices that are literally changing the world of health care – failing to differentiate themselves in any meaningful way in their marketing materials. ¬†

These companies have dared to challenge conventions, looking at old problems in new ways. They’ve launched companies on a shoestring and a road show, living on that fine line between spectacular success and monumental failure.¬†Then, when the time comes to position the product and develop its brand, this company suddenly reverts to the tried and true, boring and blue. In fact, so many companies use blue as a corporate color that the world renowned experts on color, Pantone, created an entirely new color matching system, largely due to the need to have more blues for corporate identities. That’s not working outside the box, that’s just making the box bigger.

Branding is all about developing an impression that is true to the company and the product, an identity that is different than others. One sure way to differentiate yourself in the medical device market is to pick a corporate color that is anything but blue.