Recently, I visited a family member in the hospital who had had complications with childbirth. As I waited for my opportunity to visit, a stream of doctors and nurses came and left. I paced back and forth from the hospital room to the nursery where the newborn was gamely battling an infection. Through the nursery window, I could see the baby boy connected to an automatic IV drug dispenser and surrounded by state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. Countless medical device carts were scattered along the hallway, ready to be deployed — an AED, blood pressure monitors, ECG monitors, numerous laptops fired up, and ready to go. Though there was nothing I could do to help the mother or the baby, it was mildly comforting to know that what I do for a living was, in a very small way, connected to the efforts that were going on there. By helping good companies get the best devices into hospitals, maybe I’ve done all I can.