I just have to get this off my chest. I received a piece of mail today from a company promoting their 1:1 personalization capabilities. I won’t name the company or the name of the publication. I just want to share the headline with you. Maybe you can help me understand what the hell they’re talking about.

“Welcome to the latest issue of  [Publication Name].  Providing you with information, tips and insights is part of TR Design’s commitment to helping our clients achieve the best results possible.”


I guess I’m supposed to be so impressed that they printed my company name in the headline that I’m supposed to ignore the fact that I have no idea what they’re saying, or what I’m supposed to do about it. Are they providing me with information, tips and insights? Are they saying that TR Design is committed to providing information, tips and insights? If so, how do they know that’s our commitment? Or are they saying that TR Design is committed to helping their clients achieve the best results possible? Why do I want to help their clients? I am so confused!

Your audience will give you very little time to get your message across to them. Don’t waste your opportunity, or their time with copy that is not absolutely clear.