A  brand is more than skin deep. It permeates into all aspects of a company, sometimes in unexpected ways. Here are three examples you might not be aware of.

Branding defines some of the most critical aspects of your company, including the messaging, positioning, philosophy, vision, attitude, to name a few. Understanding each of these at the outset can have a big influence on how your marketing communications are developed. This includes your website — how it’s structured, the messaging, the language and tone — all of which can influence SEO and improve the visitor’s experience.

Without going to your site, reading one of your brochures, or visiting your booth at a trade show, people can develop positive or negative feelings about your brand simply by using one of your products. If they like it, these good feelings can extend to other products of yours as well as to your company as a whole (if they don’t like the product, the opposite is also true). Brand consistency will reinforce the notion that all your products perform the same way and share the same level of quality, all of which makes the sales process easier. 

A company’s brand is like a soul — it comes from the core and radiates outward. That’s why developing a strong, clearly defined brand is as important internally as it is to the outside world. A strong brand reinforces the notion that you’re all part of the same team, share the same vision and goals, and speak with one voice.