Developers of technology-related products confidently make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions in the course of product development. And yet, when it comes to the company’s brand or marketing, some of these same people waver, unable to commit to a direction. In an attempt to get beyond the impasse and come to a final decision, they resort to one of the following tactics.

Safety in Numbers Approach

Whether worried about pushing the envelope too far or even going a little outside the mainstream, many people fall back on what feels familiar and safe, which often means following the crowd. Unfortunately, this approach can result in a sameness — e.g. the use of industry jargon, similar-looking stock images and colors — that makes it difficult to achieve any degree of differentiation in the minds of potential customers or investors. 

The Polling Process

Another way to choose a direction is through the polling process. This involves asking anyone and everyone what they think, even if they lack any relevant expertise or have no idea what the intended goals are. 

Both of these approaches lead to middle-of-the-road solutions that are just okay. They probably won’t be terrible. But they won’t ever be great either. And they’ll hardly ever be memorable.

Now consider two approaches that stand a much better chance of helping differentiate your company from others.

Take a stand. The two approaches described above are designed to diffuse responsibility in the decision-making process and offer a safe solution. It’s also why it’s so difficult for them to succeed to any great extent. Be willing to make the tough decision, even if it takes you a little out of your comfort zone. Regardless of conventional wisdom or which way the wind is blowing at a particular moment, choose the decision you think will be the most effective and be willing to stick to it.

Rely on the experts. You don’t go to a doctor and have him run tests, and then decide for yourself what the best treatment should be. Why do it here? Trust the experts to develop the solutions and guide you through the decision-making.