Today, we are inundated with information. Sometimes wall to wall information, making it impossible to tell what’s important and what’s not. Too often, to counter this information overload, we reduce our important stories to headlines and/or very short descriptions. It’s frustrating for you and even more important — unsatisfying to your reader. It’s like a dinner at Olive Garden. Lots of food. None of it extraordinary.

Personally, I prefer a meal that tastes exquisite, and even though the portions may be small, leaves me excited and begging for more. It’s important to approach your marketing materials in the same way. Don’t be afraid of the dramatic. Or white space. Some clients think white space is a purely “artsy” thing, but it’s not. It serves a vital function. It helps to organize, prioritize and control the flow of information. That’s true, whether we’re talking about a brochure, an email blast, or a website. 

Once you have someone engaged, you can parcel out all the information they need to make a decision. Like dessert at the end of great meal, there’s no such thing as too much.