We have definitely changed the way we hunt for products and services. We used to go to places that had the kinds of products or services that seemed to fit our needs. If we were looking for something in a large store, we’d go to the department that seemed appropriate, find a range of products that might fit the bill, and start reading the back of each label, sifting through features, specs, and directions to find what we were looking for.

Now people typically hunt answers online by keying in the problems they have or the solutions they’re looking for. This is why we always recommend to our clients that their websites as well as their other marketing materials follow these general rules:

Describe very briefly the solution you offer to their specific problem. This immediately helps someone determine relevance (i.e. do you have what they are looking for?). If they have to search for even a few seconds to find it,  they will move on.

Explain the unique benefit of your product. You must offer them a strong reason why they should be interested in your product versus anyone else’s.

Reinforce your claim. Now it’s time to lay out the specifics of your product and shows why it’s a good decision to buy it.

Reassure them. Explain how you will be there to take care of them down the road if they have any problem or need support. It’s very important to make them feel confident that they made a good decision.

Instead of talking about the engineering or technology of your product, look at your materials through your customers’ eyes and needs and make sure you answer all their concerns first. There’s always time later to impress them with all the incredible thinking that went into it.