I’ve always wondered why it has to be quiet during a tennis or golf match, but not during a baseball, football or basketball game. What if people cheered, whistled and yelled while listening to a symphony play, but sat quietly except to politely applaud at a the end  of a wrestling match? We expect certain things to happen without even thinking whether or not they make sense. And if the opposite of what we expect happens, it can be jarring.

When it comes to developing awareness of or leads for a product or service, exploiting conventions can be very effective. Taking a common assumption or occurrence and turning it inside out not only catches our eye, but  makes us look at it  in a completely different way. And by doing so, we become more engaged — by asking questions and beginning a dialogue. It also burns a memorable imprint in our minds, which can be helpful in future campaigns.

Try it out sometime. But not while you’re at a symphony or a play, or any event that you don’t want to get kicked out of.